Over under inside across art

At Jupiter Artland in Scotland the art is big, and outdoors, and you can go inside or stride over it, as well as look at it. Their well-designed website is not a bad substitute for a real visit.



I'd love to hear alp horns in reality–I'm sure the recordings don't do them justice. I was torn between these two videos so decided to post them both. One is adorable and the other is musical.

The force of change

The photographer Michael Marten makes beautifully detailed photographs of land- and seascapes over time. The image here is from his series Sea Change, also available as a book, showing shorelines shot from the same point at high and low tide…

Two moments in Salvador

Continuing my Google Street View tourism, here's a little moment from Salvador in Brazil. Or two moments, rather—the second, partial image of a pigeon on the left is probably the same pigeon as the one on the right, caught a…