From the recording Misleading Voices

For an exercise in a music theory class I audited, I created this setting of Altamont. There were only a few basic restrictions on the assignment, so I added others: to use a seventh chord on every strong beat, and to never use the chord I "expected" to hear at that point. At first I thought the result sounded like bad contemporary church music, but ultimately I got fond of it. It's not easy to sing (to put it mildly), and I was tired of the wonky artificial bass I get from transposing my voice down with Garage Band. I got the idea that transposing the fiddle down might give a more acceptable result, so that's my bass line. This is a hasty recording but I think it's not bad anyway, and I'm thinking of doing a cleaned-up version and somehow pairing it with my shape-note setting for my upcoming CD.