What's Elizabeth up to? 

Elizabeth LaPrelle is up to a lot these days, including a new album with Anna. Go see her web site and follow links from there. She has a lovely discussion of "Locks and Bolts" on her blog just now.

Molsky gets around 

Bruce Molsky gets around, on the fiddle, across musical traditions, and geographically (see his punishing tour schedule, which, alas, doesn't include western Pennsylvania).

Farewell Charles Rosen 

The amazing pianis, writer, and scholar Charles Rosen has died. You can spend an hour with him in this radio program published on YouTube.

Pentti Sammallahti transmutes the ordinary into an intense present 

Pentti Sammallahti takes no-tricks black-and-white photographs. I had never heard of him when I saw his work perhaps ten years ago. It has stuck with me ever since, though I couldn't remember his name, and thanks to the Internet I was able to track him down. A retrospective of his work has just been published, and you can see more of it online at the Guardian or at the website of the Peter Fetterman Gallery, or the Photo-Eye Gallery (highly recommended).

Happy kora player 

There are many good videos of kora playing on YouTube. I like this one for its simplicity and the contented expression of the player, who seems very happy with his new instrument.

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