The song that made me a fan of Laurelyn Dossett 

This is the only rendition I could find of That I Should Know Your Face, so despite its low quality, here it is. This is the first thing I ever heard Laurelyn sing, and I knew then that I had to take her songwriting course at Augusta Vocal Week. For more of her and her beautifully crafted songs, look here.

Coal miners from Hell 

These guys marry the precision of Chanticleer to the earthy energy of French-Canadian traditions. Chouette!

Peasant joys with Eliza Carthy 

Eliza Carthy and many friends bring their voices, fiddles, button boxes and more to the joyous Country Life.

You probably can't understand the words if you don't already know them. Here's an approximation:

In the spring we sow, at the harvest mow, and so the seasons round they go,

But if all the times if choose I may, to go rambling in the new mown hay.

Oh, I like to rise when the sun she rises, early in the morning,

And I like to hear them small birds singing, merrily upon their leyland,

Hurrah for the

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The soulful fife 

The tradition of fife playing is alive and well in the folkie world of southern France. That can be painful when the fifers decide to play for a bal folk indoors! But here is the fife at its soulful best.

No Card-Playing until the Country Dances begin! 

What was it like to go to a social dance in Savannah, Georgia, in 1790? The Rules and Regulations I've transcribed here give some idea.

I. The Assemblies to commence, on Wednesday … [unreadable] … and to continue once every Fortnight through …

II. Each Assembly to open with Minuets, beginning precisely at Half past Six o'Clock.

III. In Country Dances the Governor's Lady shall be entitled to the first Number without drawing.

IV. All Ladies shall stand agreeably to the Number which they draw, Brides and…

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