The Loathly Lady

The Loathly Lady titleWhile fishing for Julianne Baird videos I ran across the YouTube channel for The Loathly Lady, a comic opera on the theme of Freud's question "what do women want?" How could I resist linking to a work that references so many of my favorite women, real and fictional: Jane Austen and her Emma, Virginia Woolf, Eliza Doolittle, the Wife of Bath, and the divine Julianne too.

Baird is capable of the most lusciously lovely singing imaginable, and she gets to show that off as the Lady of Shalott––here she gets to perpetrate my favorite moment of the libretto so far, singing to Eliza Doolittle and Virginia Woolf "all I want is a room with a view"–– but as the loathly lady herself she audibly enjoys the witchiness of her loathly singing.

The image is from the animated pilot for the opera, which includes many charming and witty drawings by John Kindness (but no singing by Julianne Baird–for that, try the posted excerpts from the live performance).

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