Where is the Sud or Sudd of Nubia?

Thanks to Joel Kennedy, I've been learning the original melody (tricky!) to Moondog's amazing canon "Nero's Expedition". I had long wondered about the Sud of Nubia. I suspected Moondog of erudition rather than fantasy here. Being in a time-wasting mood today, I did some searching around and found this from a scanned-in-as-image report of the Crocodile Specialist Group Steering Committee Minutes, 1993, Darwin, Australia (the rather attractive crocodile drawing is from the report):


Proposal for a Crocodile Survey in the Sudan


This proposal had also been approved by the CITES Standing Committee. Dietrich Jelden suggested that the proposal was generally acceptable but some practical considerations might require changes in implementation. drawing of a crocodile from the reportSocial unrest and warfare in some parts of the country made some of the proposed survey locations (e.g. the Sud of Nubia) impractically dangerous at present.

Update: somewhat disappointingly, it turns out that if you spell it "Sudd" you get a lot more information, including the inevitable Wikipedia:

The Sudd, also known as the Bahr al JabalAs Sudd or Al Sudd, is a vast swamp in South Sudan, formed by the White Nile.

Less disappointingly, I suspect someone of perpetrating a sly tribute on the Wikipedia page for Nero:

Nero's expedition up the Nile failed because water plants had clogged the river, denying Nero's vessels access to the Sudd of present-day South Sudan

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  • John Baboukis
    John Baboukis
    I'm so glad someone is out there checking on these things for the rest of us...

    I'm so glad someone is out there checking on these things for the rest of us...

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